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Basic Blogging and Social Media Profiles

When you are planning to start your own online money making business you must know at least about the the following major social media pages.
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Hi5
  5. Yahoo
  6. Flicker 

Basic Money Making Tips You need to know when taking off for the Online Money Making

We are constantly faced with questions that partly reveal our “identity”

  • What is your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • Who are your friends?
  •  Who is your family?
  • What is your job?
  • What is your address?
  • What do you do?

On the internet, these identity markers are just as important. They allow other people online to identify you and to connect with you. Without an online identity you will not be able to interact with other people on the internet. Your online identity is the name and character you build for yourself on the internet. It is determined by various pieces of information and content, such as:

  •  Your name (or the name that you use online)
  •  Your email address
  •  The images that point to you
  •  Your location
  •  Your sex/gender
  •  Your interests.

Creating a campaign identity is important to distinguish your campaign from others. It allows your campaign to have spaces on different social networking sites and interact with potential supporters for your cause.
To set up your online campaigning spaces, your campaign will need:
  •  A name
  •  A description
  •  An email account.
 Smacking your factual identify can be an issue of endurance:
The internet also permits for the making of a fictitious oddity that you can use to connect with other people. One can define the different aspects of his/her personality inversely on the internet. You can use a different name and invent or hide aspects of your identity including our location. Some people frown on this but for many activists working and living in a high-risk environment, hiding one’s real identity is a matter of survival. In some cases, the internet offers anonymity so that you can interact and collaborate with other people without compromising your real identity and endangering yourself.
One example is how lesbian groups in the Arab world are using “fake” Facebook identities in order to raise awareness on sexuality rights issues and provide support for each other. If they had used their real identities online they would have put themselves at risk for claiming themselves to be lesbians. Another example is how Burmese bloggers are using fake names in order to write about human rights violations and corruption in Burma. Doing this protects themselves and their families from strict government punishment.

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